I advise not to run the kextcache commands. It should be enough to run "sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions" to kick off the cache regeneration processes. Touching the Extensions folder will Do The Right Thing regardless of OS X version. » 5/19/11 2:20am 5/19/11 2:20am

You can also hit Cmd+Tab to invoke OS X's app switcher, then tab over to the app you want to close/hide, and then hit Q or H all while still holding Cmd. » 11/25/10 12:47am 11/25/10 12:47am

@muzicman82: I guess they don't suggest that you actually *use* the spiral cord you use to wrap your cables. When the cord is not connected, there will be no noise problems or crosstalk whatsoever (apart from the crosstalk created by now running the wires closer to each other). » 9/24/10 2:22am 9/24/10 2:22am

NOOOO don't hammer on the bottle with your hand! This will hurt you if the cap doesn't come off, this will damage the edge more than necessary and also you may end up breaking the whole bottle! » 8/31/10 10:24am 8/31/10 10:24am

Note that Apple had a clause in their terms for Back To School saying that you need to mail in the stickers with all layers of the cardboard. Don't know if it is still that way, but when I bought my iBook, there were many discussions about denied rebates because of that clause. » 12/06/09 6:32am 12/06/09 6:32am

I really love the Apple Aluminum Keyboard. Ever since I got my MacBook, I became very uncomfortable with other keyboards. Recently I picked up a cheap Aluminum Keyboard on eBay and I'm in love ;) » 10/03/08 4:08am 10/03/08 4:08am

Another nice feature: Preview now automatically reloads files which were changed from another program. VERY useful for all LaTeX users out there. That LaTeX build script I used under Tiger involved killall [Preview.app] and open $1.pdf. Problem was that I had to do PDF reading with Adobe Reader while TeX'ing » 11/06/07 11:40am 11/06/07 11:40am